MYOB Solutions

MYOB sits at the heart of many business operations, and for good reason – its products are easy to use and offer great functionality.


But if you’re like most of our clients, you’ll also have experienced some frustrations. Exporting reports to Excel can be tiresome, and re-entering data is a huge time waster. Every organisation is different, and it’s unlikely that MYOB can meet all your needs on its own.

That’s where Innovent can help. We’ve been working with MYOB for over 12 years, and we know it inside out. We’d love to help make your workday easier by customising and integrating your software – and making it work harder for your business.

Here are three ways we do it:


1. MYOB Integration

Integration is all about cutting down manual processing and double entry – our aim is to streamline your processes to save you time and reduce errors.

Many of our clients use software that’s specific to their industry or business that doesn’t integrate with MYOB out of the box. For example, you might set up a new online store, not realising that each customer and transaction will then need to be manually entered again into MYOB, one at a time.

Our past integration jobs have included:

  • Building an efficient timesheet system that creates invoices and manages payroll for a customer with over 400 contractors who are paid weekly.
  • Integrating MYOB to SugarCRM, recording every customer interaction
  • Integrating MYOB to Harvest, keeping track of all your staff’s time and effort against real
  • Integrating MYOB to BigCommerce, seamlessly entering all online sales
  • Custom integrations from bespoke, business-specific software to MYOB


2. MYOB Advanced Reporting

Although MYOB has a large number of standard reports, they’re not necessarily the reports you really need. You might need more depth, a different combination of reporting measures, or a customised layout for management reports.

You shouldn’t have to spend hours exporting your data to Excel and manually analysing the data and formatting your reports. Innovent can build custom reports that provide exactly what you need in a few clicks. And since we’ve been doing this for 12 years, there’s a good chance we’ve already created just what you’re looking for, or something very similar.

Here are some examples:

  • Consolidated financial statements from multiple MYOB files
  • Monthly job budget reports
  • Dashboards and interactive reports
  • Advanced sales and product reports


3. MYOB Add-Ons and Extensions

Even when your existing systems are fully integrated, there’s always more you can be getting out of MYOB. Innovent can create add-on solutions that extend the capabilities of MYOB and help you get the maximum value from streamlining and automating your processes. These can be desktop, web and mobile applications.

We offer a complete service – from understanding your needs, to designing the solution, building your MYOB Add-On, and providing the ongoing support you need to keep everything running smoothly as your business grows and changes.

So far we’ve helped out clients create:

  • An iPad sales catalogue
  • A new, fully-integrated booking system
  • A customised point-of-sale system