Mobile App Development

The future of business is mobile. More and more, your customers will be searching for you while they’re on the go – on their smartphones or tablets – so it’s important that you offer those customers the best possible experience. We can help you decide whether that is a standalone mobile application (or ‘app’), or a ‘responsive’ website that can work across all devices.

But it’s not only customers who have gone mobile. Many of our clients have mobile workforces, and they need the very best tools to manage sales, bookings, deliveries, and customer service. Innovent’s expert team can help you design a simple and intuitive app to reduce errors, minimise data entry and improve the efficiency of your whole business.


Typical Software Integration projects:

  • Delivery Tracking
  • Asset Management
  • Survey Tools
  • Product Catalogue
  • CRM Features



Our Proven Development Process

We have spent many years refining and improving our processes to ensure we are delivering the best possible service. So based on our deep experience, and our customers’ input and feedback, we have developed a unique software development methodology.

Our INNOVATE – ENGAGE – DELIVER (IED) Methodology TM puts our customers, and their needs, at the heart of everything we do. Using IED means we can be sure that every aspect of the project has been considered, and that what we create will offer lasting value to our customers.

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